The Scindia School Model United Nations Conference 2015

18 November 2015


The Scindia School Model United Nations conference was hosted by The Scindia School from 15th - 17th November 2015. Thirteen schools including the Scindia School participated in this conference. The participating schools were-
1. Maharani Gayatri Devi School,Jaipur
2. Mayoor Public School, Ajmer
3. Jayshree Periwal High School,Jaipur
4. Pathways World School, Aravali
5. Modern School, Vasant Vihar
6. Genesis Global School, Noida
7. Emeralds heights international School,Indore
8. Daly College, Indore
9. RKK Girls Public School, Jodhpur
10. The Scindia School
11. Little Angels High School, Gwalior
12. Scindia Kanya Vidalaya, Gwalior
13. Delhi Public School, Gwalior
The Teams started arriving in the city by the morning of 14th November. The Executive Board also arrived at the fort by the morning of the same day. The teams were accommodated in the Central Park and Prabha International hotels and within the school campus
The SCIMUN ’15 was inaugurated in an envi¬ronment with exuberant delegates from different schools across the coun¬try, representing different countries. The Chief Guest for the Conference was Mr. Shashank Vira. The Principal Dr. Madhav Deo Saraswat enlight¬ened the gathering by giving insights about the formation of the United Na¬tions and its aim to main¬tain world peace, prosperity and harmony. He talked about how in this world one debate shan’t be simple play of words but that it should carry convic¬tion. Mr. Shashank Vira, an Educator, Investment Banker, Entrepreneur, and Advisor to various pres¬tigious institutions across the globe emphasized on considering both sides of every coin. He urged the delegates to use their MUN experience to reflect on life for a richer takeaway. Shantanu Kulshrestha, the Secretary General of the conference accentuated the importance of Model United Nations into devel¬opment of young leaders. Model UNs make the up¬coming generation aware about the world’s growth while also helping in the advent of distinct ideas from the younger sector of the society, contributing in solutions to many prob¬lems.
This year the conference consisted of a simulation of 6 committees; United Nations Security Council, the Human Rights Council, Lok Sabha, the Press Corps, Joint Crisis Committee: Iraq Cabinet, and Joint Crisis Committee: ISIS Politburo. The Chairs of the different committees addressed the gathering and talked about matters from across the world and their agendas. The agendas of various committees were as follows-
• Historic Security council- “Situation in the Middle East:1967”
Chair- Keshav Gupta, Vice Chair- Abhay Lal, Rapporteur-Pavan Jaini
• United Nations Human Right Council- “Human Rights violation committed by ISIS”
Chair- Ravish Rana, Vice Chair- Abhijeet Nagpal
• Lok Sabha- “Analyzing the Agrarian situation in the country” and “Reviewing Capital Punishment”
Chair- Vansh Saluja, Vice Chair- Aarushi Mehta, Rapporteur- Urdesh Thakur
• Joint committee crisis- ISIS politburo
Chair- Agastya Sharma Sen, Vice Chair- Snehil Tripathi
• Joint Committee crisis- Iraqi Cabinet
Chair- Devesh Gupta, Vice Chair- Moksh Suri
• International press
Editor-in-chief- Kanika Sahijwani
The Chairs of all the Committees were young college and school students who had come from Delhi as well as the students from our school. The committees started with nervous and shuffling delegates being seated in the committee and orientation sessions wherein the rules of procedures were explained to all the delegates and they were made to feel comfortable in the committee. It was amazing to see every delegate discuss complex matters of national and international importance. The press also worked hard to give the reports by the deadlines and publish a daily newsletter- MUNdane.
The second day of the conference was more exciting as all the delegates were familiar with what they had to do. The committees started by ten and continued with breaks till the evening. All the committees moved according to their agendas and the discussed general and deep topics based on the agenda. In the Lok Sabha the delegates were shown presentations and videos on farmers’ suicide apart form discussions on the issue. The UNHRC discussed about the sexual and physical crimes committed by ISIS. They also discussed the ways ISIS can be eliminated from the Middle East. The JCC: ISIS and JCC: Iraqi cabinet were handling different crises in the sessions. The HSC was discussing that who is the killer of Abdul Naseer, the head of the Middle East at the time of 1967. The sessions were really interesting and the press reported every minute of it.
The third and the last day of the conference was hectic and heated. The committees had their working papers ready and resolutions had to be approved. All the committees started discussing their agendas and working on the paper for the last time. The sessions took place till 1 p.m. and after that we had the closing ceremony. The chief guest of the closing ceremony was Dr Sudhir Bloeria, who was the part of the Indian bureaucracy, Indian Army and are also an eminent old boy of the school. After that, the executive board of each committee honoured the best delegate, high recommendation and special mention award from their committee. The secretary general also gave the “secretary general’s best delegate.” The executive board and the secretariat were given mementos by the chief guest and Principal Sir. In the end, the secretary general gave the parting speech and the Scindia School Model United Nations Conference was declared closed with a promise to meet again in SCIMUN 2016.
The following awards were distributed:
• Best Delegation – Little Angels High School, Gwalior
• Secretary General’s Best delegate – Sushma Swaraj- Emerald Heights International School ,Indore
• Best Delegate – Israel, Emerald Heights International School Indore
• High Commendation – China, LAHS
• Special Mention – UK ,Daly College
• Best Delegate – Saudi Arabia, Emerald Heights International School Indore
• High commendation – UK, Little Angels High School
• High commendation – Russia, Daly College
• Special Mention – Nigeria, PWS
• Special Mention – Japan,
• Lok Sabha
• Best Delegate – Maneka Gandhi, Little Angels High School
• High commendation – Kamal Nath, Mayoor Public School, Ajmer
• Special Mention – Narendra Modi, Delhi Public School
• Special Mention – Jyotiraditya Scindia, SKV
• Best Delegate – Representative of Military council, Little Angels High School
• Special Mention – ISIL Chief of Sinai, Little Angels High School
• Special Mention- Official Spokesperson, JPHS
• JCC – Iraqi Cabinet
• Best Delegate – Defence Minister, Emerald Heights International School Indore
• Special Mention – Chief of Armed Forces, The Scindia School
• Special Mention- Foreign Minister, Mayoor Public School, Ajmer
• International Press
• Best Reporter- Yohen Thounaojam, The Scindia School