Scindians Attended Second International Round Square Conference

24 January 2016


The year 2016 for five boys started on a different note. They were all transported 'over the rainbow' to a 'dreamlike world' as they arrived at the Daly College, Indore on 4th January 2016. It was time for the second International Round Square Conference for Young students aged 11-13 years.
The Conference brought in sync 42 schools and over 250 young delegates from all over the world for 6 days, to discuss global issues like environment, leadership and all things that would make the world a wonderful place to live in. Along with schools and teachers came the authorities who are heading Round Square globally, such as Mr. R D Fraser, Chairman, RS Board of Trustees, Mr. Guy McLean Deputy Chairman, RS and Ms. Joanne McLean, the pioneer who initiated the idea of an International Conference for young students. Ms. Papri Ghosh, Regional Director was as always a pleasure to meet again.
Every activity was conceptualized for students to learn from, be it the Baraza names which were inspired by the myriad variety of birds inhabiting the school campus or the key note addresses, by Capt. Navin Gulia (on leadership, fighting the odds), Mr. Ribhu Vohra (wasteless, an environmental workshop), or Mr. Dyu D'cunha (Colour connect, on communication and team building). It was a pleasure to see the young minds at work, questioning the malpractices and devising strategies to make the world a better place to live in. Their innocence and unwavering resolve were awe-inspiring.
The activities did not end at barazas and focus groups, the students were given hands on training in some of the traditional art forms of India like Warli Art, Lipin Art, Madhubani painting, Bollywood dance etc. to be displayed towards the end of the program. The students also enjoyed an afternoon of service with under privileged children as they played games and presented them with gift items of utility.
Apart from plenty to do, there was also plenty to watch and experience, with a cultural performance thrown in every now and then and a lovely trip to the historical city of Mandu.
The children were bubbling with energy even at 10 in the night despite the hectic schedules of the day, which clearly meant that this was the best form of learning that the students could experience and one that would stay with them forever. As always, they were richer not just in experience but also friendships.