Scindians win all the matches against British schools

01 June 2015


The cricket team of Scindia School, Gwalior, went on a 10-day tour to England and won all the matches it played against British schools. The 14-member squad, accompanied by the Dean of Sports and cricket coach, was scheduled to play six matches, three at Bradford and Birmingham each. While two of these were called off due to rains, the Scindia School team played the rest of the four matches and bested the opponents in all. The team was captained by Sarthak Talwar at Bradford and Harshraj Malik at Birmingham. First Match: The first match was played between The Scindia School and Hymers College, Kingston upon Hull. In a 20-over match, The Scindia School team scored 143 runs and won by 16. Akshay Bhargav was declared the Man of the Match. He scored 42 runs. Second Match: This 25-over match was played between The Scindia School and Ampleforth College. The Indian team won by 27 runs. Shivansh Karla was declared Man of the Match. He scored 47 runs. Third Match: The third match of 35 overs was played with the Bradford Grammar School. The Scindia School reached a score of 242, winning the match by 155 runs. Harshraj Malik was declared Man of the Match. He scored 63 runs and took three wickets. Fourth Match: The fourth match of 40 overs was played with Bishop Vesey's Grammar School, Birmingham. The Scindia School team scored 244 runs, while the Bishops were 87 all out. Sarthak Talwar was declared Man of the Match. He remained 127 not out. The Scindia School students bagged several awards during the tour, including: • Man of the Tournament: Sarthak Talwar • Best Batsman: Akshay Bahrgava • Best Bowler: Harshraj Malik • Best Fielder: Abhishek Agarwal. As part of the tour, the boys also went to Leeds, Birmingham and London. In London, they visited the Lord’s Cricket Ground and Madame Tussauds. Dr. Madhav Deo Saraswat, Principal, The Scindia School: “Academics and sports are taken very seriously at The Scindia School, as both are essential for well-rounded development of students. The purpose of the England tour was to give our cricket players international exposure in a different cultural setting. It was a wonderful opportunity to hone their talent by competing against their counterparts in British schools. The international wins have given a tremendous boost to the confidence of our students and enhanced their camaraderie and team spirit.”