The Oath taking ceremony

12 July 2019


The Oath taking ceremony of the newly appointed Prefectorial Body of the Scindia School for the session 2019-2020 was led by Principal, Dr. Madhav Deo Saraswat in presence of the entire community of students, faculty members, and House Parents. The Prefectorial Body for this session consists of twelve School Prefects; two Deputy Senior School Prefects; and the Senior School Prefect leading the brigade!
Dr. Saraswat reiterated the fact of three factors being integral to the selection of Prefects, these being the way they perceive themselves, the way others perceive and acknowledge them, and the fabric of dependability. Acing these factors, apart from outstanding achievements in diverse fields, were 15 Scindians, whose hearts raced with pride as their voices echoed to glory by reciprocating “I Will” to the oaths laid out of the Principal. The entire fraternity of the school witnessed the ceremony with joy and showered perpetual applauses for these young leaders taking charge for the session ahead! The Principal, urged them to weave moral courage in the fabric of their character, so that they could be live examples of the Scindian ethos.
The list of the Prefectorial Body is given below:
Designation Name House
Senior School Prefect Aditya Parashar Jayaji
Deputy School Prefect Nitya Mehra Madhav
Deputy School Prefect Lav Asrani Daulat
School Prefect Rohan Khanna Jayaji
School Prefect Sonam Bhutia Mahadji
School Prefect Arya Laddha Mahadji
School Prefect Rhythm Kukreja Ranoji
School Prefect Uttam Rai Ranoji
School Prefect Ujjwal Rai Shivaji
School Prefect Pratham Agrawal Shivaji
School Prefect Karma Chuten Lepcha Jayappa
School Prefect Nischay Agarwal Jayappa
School Prefect Anirudh Tyagi Jeevaji
School Prefect Karnik Kanojia Jeevaji
School Prefect Abhishek Mahour Madhav