15 July 2015


This year the Round Square cultural exchange to Florida, the everglades city was a great success. It was an incredible and a fruitful learning experience for eight Scindians who were escorted by Dr. Maitreyee Bishnoi. The students were Jai Chahar, Kushagra Patwari, Vedansh Bansal Rohan Khanna, Saumya Barjatiya, Vishnudeep Tyagi, Arya Laddha and Jai Sharma. The team visited Saint Andrews at Boca Raton (Florida) in its first lap where they enjoyed the excellent Soccer and Baseball training in the gigantic games field sprawling over the huge campus at Saint Andrews. The boys imbibed the essence of the school in the functional classrooms, where Art, Science and Languages blended with teaching of Religion and Drama. The team floored the Saint Andrews inmates by showing excellence in cricket which was new to them and a wonder game. The boys also showcased dancing talents in their cultural events. The second stoppage at Lakeville, Connecticut was at Hotchkiss School and The Indian Mountain School. The schools offered an excellent glimpse of how students bloom intellectually under super guidance of dedicated teachers. It was a heaven of academic excellence without any remote control machine. Students had great freedom to pursue academic excellence without much ado from elders. The Scindians also enjoyed the modern classroom teaching methods at Indian Mountain School where they saw that the external cold temperatures hardly affected learning procedures inside the school. In this Round Square journey abroad the juniors got trained at a very young age in the art of community service, they realized the importance of "our" dedicated approach to keep our mother earth and environment clean and "we" need to contribute in the well being of "all" through gleaming, taking care of small children at a Day School, environment cleaning and learnt about service above self. This attitude has to be developed at a very young age for a happy future. Lastly at Boston the students were introduced to the Nazi terror in the gas chambers and its outcome, and also gathered information about the history of United States, through a historical tour of the city with Harvard University beckoning them for a bright future.