Valedictory Assembly

05 March 2017


The School bid a warm and emotional farewell to the Batch of 2017 on Saturday, 4th March. The Valedictory Assembly was held at the SMOAT and was attended by the entire school community. Principal Dr Saraswat in his heartwarming speech reminded the students of the outgoing Batch of the higher purpose of education and the necessity to understand the usefulness of leading a productive life. He urged the students to steer clear from needless comparison and competition and instead appreciate their own uniqueness. He exhorted them to lead a life of integrity and to allow uninhibited expression to their dreams and emotions.
This was followed by the speech of the Senior School Prefect Mriganka Ghosh who gave humorous snippets about each of his Batchmates which had everyone in splits. He also reminisced about the journey of his Batch and their transformation from shy diffident kids to confident gentlemen ready to take on the world. This was followed by a presentation capturing the glimpses of their eventful Scindian journey. After this the students walked out of the OAT with lighted candles in their hands. This symbolic ceremony marks the carrying forward of the light of knowledge to the world. The evening winded with a sumptuous dinner at the Principal's bungalow for the Batch of 2017 and the faculty. The students were awarded mementoes and their Batch sweatshirt. The shutterbugs clicked many a picture to freeze those beautiful and emotional moments for eternity. We are confident that each student from this Batch too will excel in his chosen field and keep the Scindia banner flying high. The School would always remain a warm and welcoming home for them and we will love to have them visit us. Click here to see event photographs.