Virtual Assembly marks the commencement of the Online Academic and Co-curricular Activities

16 June 2021


The session 2022 in The Scindia School opened with Online Classes for students on 15 June 2021. The Special Assembly conducted online through a webinar, set the tone for the day as the students came back virtually into the school. The Assembly started with the Sanskrit Prayer ‘मित्रस्याहं चक्षुषा सर्वाणि भूतानि समीक्षे। मित्रस्य चक्षुषा समीक्षामहे।‘ drawn from the Yajurveda. The English Prayer was read by the Principal, Dr Madhav Deo Saraswat, and thereafter he addressed the gathering and apprized the community of all the changes that are to come into the online mode. He asked the students to keep their focus on academics as well as deeply engage in the extracurricular activities. He stressed on the need for accountability and continuity in learning to enable the student to make the maximum out of their formative learning years. The Principal announced the names of the various award winners in academics: Aditya Raj, Atharva Tiwari, Sahaj Agarwal, Vivek Sharma, Arnav Joshi, Ayaan Agarwal, Keshav Jhunjhunwala, Pulak Bagaria and Saksham Agrawal received the Scholar’s Badge for scoring 95% in all tests cycles in the category VI to VIII. Akshay Suman, Keshav Singhania, Vedansh Balasaria, Aaradhy Shiv Shukla, Ansh Garg, Krishna Gupta, and Aditya Singh received the Scholar’s Scarf for securing 95% in all tests cycles in all (six) subjects in the category-Class IX. Memoy Mishra, Prashant Agarwal and Shantanu Yadav were awarded with the Scholar’s Tie for securing 90% aggregate in all tests cycles in class XI. For Class XI, Memoy Mishra was declared the topper for Science stream, Shantanu Yadav for Humanities, and Atherva Karwa and Ujjwal Mehrotra were declared toppers for the Commerce Stream. The Prefectorial Board for the year 2022 was also announced. Suyash Bansal and Shantanu Yadav, Dhruv Jhiriwal and Prateek Garg, Yanglem Arjun Singh, Svastik Arora and Veer Arora, Keshav Dudhani and Siddharth Chandel, Pranay Agarwal, and Prashant Agarwal were appointed School Prefects from Jayaji, Jayappa, Jeevaji, Madhav, Mahadji, Ranoji and Shivaji House, respectively. Memoy Mishra and Pranav Wadhwa from Daulat House were appointed Deputy Senior School Prefects and Ujjwal Mehrotra from Madhav House was appointed as the Senior School Prefect for the year 2022. Congratulations to all the award winners and prefects!