Visit of NASA STEM Innovation Lab Director

12 October 2019


Mr. Troy Cline, NASA STEM Innovation Lab Director at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center visited the school on 2nd October 2019. He had an intense discussion with the Science Department. The discussion centered on STEM projects, how the fear of failing stops kids from taking risks, careers in NASA amongst others. He also extended help and explained how the school Think Lab could collaborate with other schools through NASA Stem Innovation lab. In the evening there was a stimulating presentation by Mr. Cline in the Assembly hall for the students. His presentation had wonderful animations of formation of auroras, lifting of spacecraft. He explained the formation of solar flares, and future programmes of NASA etc. The Q&A round had students asking questions like justifying the efforts and funds spent on space exploration, why pen is better than pencil in space, the astronomers’ belief that there are other life forms in the universe.