Workshop For The Faculty on Teaching Methodology

29 July 2016


Mr Gopal Chaturvedi conducted a workshop for the faculty on “Presentation: Method and Medium” on 28th July 2016 in Lab 1. Mr Chaturvedi had attended a workshop on the same topic during his visit to Germany during the summer break. The fundamental idea of the workshop was to introduce new methods of presentation while aiming to bring a novelty in teaching methodology. Mr Chaturvedi introduced some remarkable methods to help a teacher plan his/ her lessons effectively. The sole aim was also to enable the faculty to make their classes interesting and interactive. The faculty members who attended the workshop took an active part in making the presentations in accordance with their respective departments. It was quite an educative and an interesting workshop. At the end of the presentation the teachers knew about varieties of presentations. It is presumed that henceforth they will be able to plan their lesson effectively.