Workshop on Inclusive Education by CBSE

03 September 2016


Mr Kamlesh Singh and Ms Sudha Sharma attended a workshop at Army Public school, Gwalior from 25th to 26th August 2016. It was conducted by Ms. Archana Singh and Ms. Koyeli in collaboration with CBSE to inculcate the concept of Inclusive education in CBSE schools.
On the first day they were briefed about the significance of inclusive education where emphasis was laid on planning the lesson in such a manner that it caters to the needs of all the children. The concept of special needs was elucidated with the help of examples so that they became aware of terminologies.
On the second day many case studies were discussed in groups in order to get an insight into the matter. The salient feature was to focus on the school infrastructure, which must be in sync with the needs of physically challenged students. At the end the participants learnt how to sensitise their colleagues and society in general towards children with special needs.