Mr Prashant Prabhu’s Visit

Mr Prashant Prabhu, (Ex- Madhav, 1967) visited the school on 12th and 13th December 2015. Upon arrival Mr Prabhu met the Principal, Dr Madhav Deo Saraswat and then had a meeting with Core Committee of SOBir. After lunch he had an informal discussion with faculty members. Mr Prashant Prabhu thanked everyone at the outset for the receptivity with which he was received last time he came on the fort. He feels he has a lot to offer and still recalls the enriching experience he had during his eight year stay on the fort as a student.
He reiterated the fact that doing something once is easy but retaining it is tough. He drew a comparison between the system of education in France/US and the Indian education system. According to him French system focuses on ways to evaluate people’s potential and identity the best which suits the intellect. Mr Prabhu said that the correct education should empower the child to explore a problem and thereby gain knowledge. Such a system is more effective than giving a series of information as it offers ample room for growth and development.
Some faculty members articulated their views and there was a healthy discussion when Mr Prabhu wished to know the connection between knowledge, information, wisdom and data and how they can be inter-related in the context of education. It was an intellectually stimulating experience.
Mr Prabhu dealt with the issues pertaining to education imparted in a residential school. He felt in a school like Scindia the alumni offer a strong base. Since the outgoing batches have excelled in a variety of fields so their valuable inputs can benefit the present students as they can give much more than what the curriculum offers.
Soon after tea the faculty members joined the senior boys at Astachal. Chigden Prabhu recited a poem entitled `Parishram’ whereas Aryaman Vikamsey recited `Keeping Quiet’. Mandeep S Gurjar along with Madhav Agrawal sang a song and Sonam played a soulful tune on a flute. Then Mr Prabhu had an interaction session with Class XI and the topic was leadership, responsibility and taking charge of themselves. During the session he posed serious questions such as which one do they prefer between result or status, accountability or popularity or clarity or certainty and why.

On 13th December 2015 Mr Prabhu took a round of the new infrastructure and junior campus. He showed keen interest while taking the round. He had a high level meeting with Deans and HOD’s around 11 AM and it was followed by a meeting with Housemasters. Various issues pertaining to an efficient handling of the house were discussed and Mr Prabhu gave some valuable input in the conversation. Mr Prabhu suggested that letter writing should be encouraged among the students apart from developing reading habits which will be beneficial in the long run. The housemasters must set uncompromising high standards and then the boys will grow with an optimistic attitude. His conversation was replete with personal anecdotes.
Mr Prabhu left the school after a satisfied and enriched interaction with a wide variety of people ranging from faculty members, house masters, students to Deans.