Report on Oldboys’ day

SOBA President, Mr Gopal Bhargava welcomed the guests and said that it was a moment to reacquaint with and relive the school life. SOBA secretary, Mr Sandeep Agarwal read out the report for the year 2014-15. Then the Chief Guest on this occasion, Wing Commander, Dr Nandan Khanolkar was introduced by the Vice President, Mr Banjul Badil. When the Chief Guest addressed the gathering he went down the memory lane. Then announcement about the launch of mobile apps directory was made by the Chief Guest. It was immediately followed by the launch of SOBA flag by the SOBA Awardee, Mr K M Agarwal.
1. SOBA Award 2015 awarded to : Sri K.M. Agarwal (1972)
2. SOBA Cup 2015 awarded to : Kanpur Chapter

Year —- Chapters
2014 —- INDORE
2013 —- GWALIOR
2012 —- NAGPUR
2011 —- DELHI
2010 —- BHOPAL
2009 —- KOLKATA
2008 —- KANPUR
2007 —- GWALIOR