The School believes that investment in education is of the utmost importance. The School strives to recognize outstanding, talented and ambitious students. Hence, regardless of your financial circumstances, if you have the drive to study and excel, you are welcome to apply to be a Scindian.

The School welcomes those students who will not only reap benefits from attending the school, but will also learn to be a leader and make a difference in society and in life at large.

There is an annual allocation of approximately Rs. 1 crore for this purpose. The School offers three kinds of scholarships to enable and encourage meritorious students.
scindia public school

Merit-cum-Means Scholarship for new admissions in a given academic year based on grades achieved in the Aptitude Assessment and need for financial assistance. The Scholarships offered to the students at the time of admission on a merit cum means basis are as per the following criteria:

85 – 89% marks in the Aptitude Assessment: : 40% Scholarship
90% and above marks in the Aptitude Assessment : 50% Scholarship

Merit-cum-Means Scholarship for existing students in a given academic year based on student’s performance scores in Academics, Sports and Co-curricular activities and need for financial assistance.


Purely Merit Based Scholarship for existing students in a given academic year to recognise the meritorious students for their excellent performance irrespective of their financial needs.

All rights to scholarships are reserved with the School Management.

In addition to the scholarships, the School has a professional tie up with NYU Abu Dhabi. Westminster University, UK, offers up to 100% scholarship to one or two students of the school each year. The scholarship includes full fee waiver for the full-time course, free accommodation at the International Student House, an arrival allowance, monthly stipend and flights (to and from Heathrow, at the beginning and end of the course).