English Literary Society

The Debating Society inculcates in students a strong desire to express themselves anywhere and everywhere with dignity, panache and confidence through rigorous training throughout the year. The English Literary Society makes sure that each student passes out from the school as an excellent orator.

At the nascent level, they are encouraged to read newspaper articles, novels, story books, video clippings of movies, speeches and audio clips of some powerful orators. When this becomes a habit, then students discuss whatever they have read. They are taught the art of sifting information from their readings. Various debating techniques are discussed orally and through clippings of videos, students learn what debating as a hobby involves and what is their role and responsibility in it when they take this hobby.

Once the students are well versed with extensive reading and discussions, students start writing their debates and participate in jams and various formats of debating. In addition to this, students learn the importance of grooming, body language, voice modulation, speaking skills, judgment criteria, how to create debate titles etc. to become skilled debaters. They gain confidence in public speaking as they get a lot of opportunities to participate in class-debates, inter-house debates, and class assemblies, and House assemblies.

The other incentives for improvisation are provided by sending students of this level to compete with local schools during inter-school events like spellathon, spell bee, dumb-charades, creating jingles, declamations, poetry writing, elocutions, debates etc.

At the senior level, students are asked to do readings, especially on critical thinking, philosophy and advanced magazines and then have an interactive dialogue on a specific topic. This helps to anticipate one’s opponent and refute them before they’ve made their point.

Workshops and mock debates on various formats also hone their skills.

Our alumni who were keen debaters while at school are now shining in global arenas.