Green Initiatives

In a world of depleting resources and rising population, The School plants saplings every year and makes a dedicated effort to nurture them. To reduce one’s carbon footprint, the School has taken steps to create a very active Eco Club where students are made aware of their responsibility towards the planet and encouraged to take proactive steps to take care of their immediate environment. Water scarcity, a major issue on the Fort, is being resolved by water harvesting units, that can harvest rainwater by over 40 per cent. Two sewage treatment plants have been constructed to provide water to the garden in Junior School.

Rooftop water harvesting system, creating new water channels, deepening and cleaning of channels have been done to make the school a ‘Zero Run off Campus’. In order to save the trees and plantation, the principle of Xeriscaping (dry area gardening) is being followed to carry out extensive plantation. The method of drip irrigation has been implemented.