Social Service League

The objective of the Scindia Social Service League, founded in the early 1950s by Mr JN Dar, Mr Khanolkar, Mr Agnihotri, Mr Radhasharan, Mr Niyogi and the then Principal, Mr K C Shukla, was to let students experience the lives of the needy, empathize with them, and contribute to the service of society.

One of the remarkable feats of the SSL is the adoption of Sonsa and Nathon Ka Pura villages, which includes their development in agriculture, education, infrastructure, etc. Various camps such as blood donation camps, programmes for the differently abled, eye donation camps and computer awareness programmes in various schools for the differently abled have also been held. A vasectomy camp for the villagers of Sonsa organized by the school was another great success.

Presently the school is working to generate employment opportunities for the villagers of Nathon ka Pura. The ladies are being taught the craft of Tie and Dye. Gender equality is also being promoted through talks and thought provoking nukkad nataks, and it is heartening to see a change in the attitude of the menfolk.

The Social Service League conducts four big events every year:

  1. A lunch for shramjeevis and elders from Sonsa on Gandhi Jayanti
  2. Sports events for the children of shramjeevis and students of Government school on Children’s Day
  3. Sports for shramjeevis on Republic Day
  4. Sonsa Day in the 2nd week of February