Dattaji House The Motto of the House is “Suyastha Aatma Jagatsathu”

Who was Dattaji ?

Dattaji Shinde was Ranoji’s third son and Jankoji’s uncle. He acted as a regent when Jankoji was very young. Dattaji was killed in a battle with Najib Khan at Buradi Ghat in 1760. When he was lying wounded at the battle-field, Najib Khan approached him and asked, “Kyun Patil aur bhi laroge?” He said, “ Bachenge to aur bhi larenge” – this was a great inspiration for the Maratha soldiers, though Dattaji was slain.

About the Housemaster

Ms Kirti Srivastava from the faculty of English has master’s degree in Education and English. She has done her B.Ed and has 17 years of teaching experience in various institutions. She is also the proud recipient of an award by “The Times of India” on Teachers’ Day in 2008 for her excellence rapport with students. She was a mass communication teacher at IIIT Allahabad and trained the students in the art of facing interviews. Her specialization is teaching grammar to the students preparing for IAS and other competitive examinations. She is associated with IMTP a Chennai based institute which has a track record of proven excellence in preparing students for IELTS and GRE. She represented her state as the best cadet and was sent to OTS Chennai for a special training camp. She has done her “C certificate “with “AYE grade” and participated in the Republic Day parade in 1998. She has also received the bronze medal under the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme. A passionate educator she believes in teaching beyond the planned lessons and endeavours to nurture good human beings.