Nimaji House

Who was Nimaji?
Nimaji Shinde was from the Patils of Kanerkhed village, and a stalwart ancestor of the Scindia dynasty. His contribution to the battles fought by the Marathas against Aurangzeb is recalled with reverence. In 1704, he attacked the Mughal forces in Malwa and earned a position of honour amongst Maratha warriors, known as Samanta.

The motto of the House is, “VIDHYA DADAATI VANIYAM”

About the House Mother
Dr Preyanka Sharma is warm and caring House Mother who wants all children to be happy learners and works to create a house atmosphere that is stimulating, encouraging, and adaptive to the varied needs of students. She has done her bachelor's in Homeopathy medicine and surgery. She has a vast experience not just as a medical counselor and Homeopathic Consultant in Cancer Healer Centre, Indore but also as Science faculty in renowned schools like Medi- Caps International School,Indore and Kasiga School ,Dehradun. She practiced as a physician in one of the leading Homeopathy Centres in Indore for several years but then realised that she wants to dedicate her services to the students. Though she has joined The Scindia School in capacity of the House Mother to Nimaji House, she also looks after the medical needs of the students in need of all four Junior Houses. It is a blessing to have someone who cares and cures always around.


• Yash Jain was honoured with Half Colour for Table tennis. He was also invited to attend the Sports Banquet.
• Academic accolades were earned by Kavin Chhatwal, Sameep Mody, Advik Garg, and Lakhya Madhav Goyal.
• Stefan Konjengbum excelled in 25m back stroke and 25m breaststroke ranking and came first for both the races. He also ranked 2nd in 50m freestyle. Rudra Pratap Tyagi ranked 3rd in 50m freestyle and 25m breaststroke. Aradhya Agarwal ranked 3rd in 25m backstroke.
• The Football team made us proud by reaching the finals and played against Jankoji. They played incredibly well but lost the match. Aditya Singh was awarded the Best Defender.
• Inter – House Athletics: Nimesh Singh came 1st in 400m, 200m and 100m categories in Group B; Aditya Singh ranked 1st in long jump in Group A; Shayn Rohra ranked 2nd 100m race in Group B. In Group A, Yatish Srivastava ranked 2nd in the 100m race as well as in the High Jump category. Vansh Mehra and Aditya Singh ranked 3rd in 200m and 100m races, respectively. Lakshya Madhav Goyal ranked 3rd in 400m category in Group A.
• Nimaji bagged the Cup for the Junior House Cross Country Run, 2019-2020.
• Rudra Pratap Tyagi participated in the Adventure Camp held at Daly College , Indore
• Inter – House English Elocution: Advik Garg was awarded for the “Most Promising Speaker,” in prose recital. Adhyatma Capoor ranked 1st for poem recital and Ahana Bhattacharya ranked 2nd in prose recital.
• Ahana Bhattacharya ranked first in Creative Writing Skills for Class VII
• Inter-House English Debate: Sameep Mody ranked 1st For the motion, and Kabir Capoor ranked 1st Against the Motion. Lakshya Madhav Goyal ranked 2nd, Against the Motion.
• Inter-House Hindi Debate: We secured the 3rd position. Sameep Modi was awarded as the Best Speaker of the event.
• Inter – House Hindi Quiz: Sameep Mody ranked 2nd and Prrithvee Pathak ranked 3rd.
• Inter – House IT: Devansh Garg ranked 1st for Powerpoint Presentation. Niraj Agarwal ranked 1st in Poster Making. Yatish Srivastava and Adhyatma Capoor ranked 1st for Website Designing. Shayn Rohra ranked 2nd in Photo Editing. Lakshya Madhav Goel stood 3rd in IT Quiz.
• Sameep Mody and Rudra Pratap Tyagi were selected for Aryabhatta, the Astronomy State Level Online Quiz which took place at the Regional Science Centre, Bhopal. Sameep Mody secured the 4th position and became a Member of Pleaids and was invited to visit ISRO, Sriharikota and one of the largest Indian Astronomical Observatory, Kodaikanal. This visit was sponsored by Aryabhat NGO.
• In Cultural Exchange Lakshya Madhav Goyal represented the house in the SCIMUN –and received High Commendation in Genesis MUN, 2019.