The Dining Hall traditions have evolved – from the era of formal European seating arrangement, the time of Indian full-service style, and now to the modern, efficient, self-service. With the new Dining Hall, the spic-and-span kitchens have also been modernized. Deep freezers, food processors, ovens, huge grinding devices and other gadgets have not only eased the work of the kitchen staff but have also enhanced the dining experience. The school Dining Hall effortlessly hosts all students in a single turn. The menu is a blend of popular cuisines, combining taste and variety with nutrition and a balanced diet. The highest standards of hygiene and cleanliness are maintained.

Although wholesome meals are served every day, yet the grand Scholars’ and Sports banquet, held in the honour of outstanding scholars and sportsmen, remains the high point of the Dining Hall calendar.

Aside from the main meals, fresh fruits, snacks and milk are served in the forenoon at 11, and after games in the evening.

Outside the Dining Hall, school Cafeteria facing the Oval field, is a favourite hangout on Sundays. The schoolboys feast on a variety of culinary choices, in a setting of animated discussions and fun.