Mr Anand Rao Pawar

Anand Rao Pawar, an alumnus of The Scindia School exemplifies in his life and work the fundamental values that the institution stands for.

The promise of an illustrious career ahead was apparent during Anand Pawar’s tenure at The Scindia School. The then Principal, Mr. K C Shukla’s observation of this ideal student was – “he is a boy of exceptional ability and varied interests. He has maintained his first class academic standards always. He is a gifted artist and produced some interesting paintings. He is one of the best actors of the School.” Anand Pawar carried out the duties of a House Prefect in Class X and a School Prefect in his final year. He led the Shivaji House Swimming Team. The walls of many classrooms and the exhibition boards of the School were adorned by his paintings. He acted in Founder’s Day plays in English and Hindi with equal ease.

Anand Pawar graduated from the Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai in Metallurgical Engineering in 1971. As a true Scindian he followed the principle of duty to the society before self and joined the Indian Police Service in 1972, giving up the lucrative career options in engineering and never looked back.

Anand Pawar in his service with the police, made a significant contribution to eliminate anti-social activities. His remarkable success in curbing armed political activism and terrorism in the State through exemplary courage and determination was recognized by the Madhya Pradesh Government in a special publication in 2007 to acknowledge his landmark achievements. For Anand Pawar call of duty to take up new challenges is the ultimate reward. He was on special deputation to North East India to curb political insurgency and was deservedly honoured with the Director General’s Commendation Disk and the Kathin Sewa Medal for his services. He underwent special counter terrorism courses in the United States of America and United Kingdom. He won the prestigious Meritorious Services Medal and the President’s Medal for Distinguished Services. He headed the elite Rapid Action Force formed by the Government of India to combat communal violence anywhere in the country. Anand Pawar retired as the Director General of Police, Madhya Pradesh in 2008. His zest for life compelled him to dedicate his time and energy to conservation of wildlife. He is an active member of the Gondwana Nature Conservation Society. He did extensive wildlife photography in Africa. He writes prolifically about the Police and diverse social issues for Hindustan Times, Swadesh and other publications.

Anand Pawar, with his humility, probity, integrity and adherence to high moral principles, established himself as a true role model for the younger generation. While discharging his duties as a police officer, he displayed creative problem solving skills with prime focus on welfare of the citizens, which earned him respect and affection from his colleagues and the people he served. Today, The Scindia School acknowledges Anand Pawar as an Old Boy of Eminence for his outstanding contribution to the police department and to the Nation by conferring upon him the Madhav Award for 2011.