Mr Anand Shankar

Ananda Shankar has been a pioneer in the field of performing arts in India. His landmark in the field of music has been the synthesis of Indian and western instruments. His music is heard regularly over the radio, on television, at plays, on airlines, at fashion shows and in films. His music has gained wide acceptance and it appeals to people of all ages and all walks of life. He has used Western instruments that create music which does not follow any rigid rules of the raga system. It is music that is unique and daring in its production.

Ananda Shankar and his troupe have performed at many national and international functions such as the festival of the USSR in India, the Festival of India in the USSR, Asiad 1982 , World Cup Cricket Tournament, The Yuv Vani Programmes and other such prestigious functions. He has performed in USA, Germany, Japan, Hong Kong, Kuwait, Nepal, Yugoslavia, Hungary, Switzerland, France, Sweden, Norway, Belgium, Thailand, USSR and countries of Africa. In 1989, Ananda Shankar was the chief Producer of Bharatiyam performed at the Closing Ceremony of the Jawaharlal Nehru Centenary program. This year he and his troupe have been selected to perform in Europe by the department of Tourism. Ananda Shankar, by his dynamism and innovations, has distinguished himself as an Old Boy of the Scindia School. The Scindia School confers on Ananda Shankar the Madhav Award as an Old Boy of Eminence for the year 1991

Gwalior, 21st October 1991.