Dinesh Siriah

Mr Dinesh Siriah from the Department of Physical Education has given 34 years of his life to the School. He joined The Scindia School in 1981 after securing a diploma in Physical Education and specialisation in swimming from the National Institute of Sports, Patiala. An ace swimmer he had won the Open Diving Championship at the National Aquatic meet in 1967 and ’68. A passionate swimmer himself Mr Siriah makes all efforts to ensure that each student learns how to swim before passing out. His meticulous planning of Sports at the Junior Houses level, introduction of synchronized swimming and intensive training of the boys in football and cricket have raised the level of Junior Houses’ Sports. Mr. Siriah also made a significant contribution in the area of pastoral care and served as the Housemaster of Kanerkhed House for 11 years. He is the Photography incharge and ensures that every moment in the eventful life of our school is captured by his lens. Due to his vast experience and understanding of the Scindian way of life he has been made a member of the core discipline team.