Dr. Bachhan S Bhakuni

The Dean of Discipline and Student Welfare Dr. BS Bhakuni is known for infusing in the students a strong sense of discipline and respect for school rules. He is someone who walks the talk and can be seen taking regular rounds of all places be it the Houses, dining hall, Health Centre or the Sports Field. His presence and watchful eye is enough to keep any errant behaviour under check. It also ensures that the students stick to proper timings for all occasions and observe decorous behaviour. Dr. Bhakuni’s presence is a great motivator for all and he is able to inspire the staff and students alike to abide by the school code of conduct. A perfect blend of gentleness and firmness he is always there to address student concerns and the boys can be seen flocking around him at all times of the day. His superb organizational skills and passion for social service come to the fore in the way he has been heading the activities of the Social Service League for the past 24 years. He has organised many a joyous celebration on Sonsa Day, Gandhi Jayanti, Children’s Day and Republic Day for the shramjeevis and the folk from Sonsa. The meaningful activities undertaken under his guidance at empowering the village folk at Village Sonsa and Nathon ka Pura during the IPSC Service Project have brought much cheer in the lives of many. A man of literature Dr Bhakuni is also a great writer, poet and orator. He has made rich contributions to school publications and guides students for Public Speaking.