Dr (Maj) Anuja Verma

Dr (Maj) Anuja Verma, has joined Scindia School as the Resident Medical Officer. She has an MBBS degree from the prestigious Armed Forces Medical College, Pune and a Post Graduate Diploma in Geriatric medicine from IGNOU.
Having served in the Army Medical Corps in various Military Hospitals, Field Hospitals, RMO of Infantry units and as Medical Officer Polyclinics, she has developed as a methodical and disciplined worker with an ability to become one with people of diverse origin and culture.
Her gentle, caring and pleasant personality with an extremely compassionate attitude makes her an easily approachable person, in whom the students can confide without any inhibitions. Besides attending to the medical needs of the patient, she has a keen eye on their psychological well-being also.
As the overall in-charge of the health and hygiene of the school, she firmly believes in the fact that “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”.