Mr Jitendra Jawale

An alumnus of The Scindia School, he joined as a member of the faculty in 1997. Mr Jawale has a Diploma in Computer Application. Soon after his appointment, he ushered in the era of Desk Top Publishing in school which changed the face of our publications. He plays an important role in the design and layout of our major school publications and has also been helping children enhance their graphic designing skills.

Immensely popular amongst students and colleagues alike, for his vast knowledge about the fauna and flora of the Fort, he can often be seen educating boys about the richness of vegetation on the Fort. Needless to say, he is an indispensable member of the Eco Club.

A perfectionist to the core, Mr Jawale believes in giving his 100% to everything he does, be it mentoring students as the Resident Tutor of Jeevaji House, guiding them to handle the audio-visual equipment in school or being at the helm of the various social welfare activities.

His earnest desire is to have his alma mater recognized as the country’s best school.