Lt Gen Sami Khan

Sami Khan graduated from The Scindia School in 1948. The then Principal, Mr K C Shukla, in his commendation letter wrote, “Sami was one of the most popular students, a first class athlete, boxer, swimmer and one of the best riders”. Quite certainly he saw in young Sami a potential leader, and his observation stood the test of time as is evidenced by the journey of this young school boy into Lieutenant General Sami Khan.
This charming boy who displayed ample leadership qualities as a House Prefect of the Jayaji House and the School Captain, went on to be one of the most respected and decorated soldiers of the Indian Army.
The inherent attributes in Sami Khan, first got a fertile ground at The Scindia School and then were further nurtured in the Defense Services Staff College, Wellington. Sami Khan got commissioned into the Madras Regiment in the Indian Army in January 1951. As a Brigadier, he was an Instructor at the College of Combat in Mhow. He was then promoted as a Major General and commanded a Division in Arunachal Pradesh. While serving with the United Nations in Congo, he proved his mettle as a soldier and was awarded the Sena Medal for his individual acts of exceptional devotion to duty and courage, which have special significance for the Army. In recognition of his peace-time service of the most exceptional order, he was awarded the Param Vishishta Seva Medal (PVSM). Finally, he retired as General Officer Commanding in Chief, Central Command as a Lieutenant General.
Lieutenant General Sami Khan, as GOC, 15 Corps in Northern Kashmir once said, “Every man who serves at Siachen, whether decorated or not, is a hero”. Such was his human understanding and appreciation of sincerity of purpose.
Lauded in the highest ranks of leadership, we today honour a man of incomparable valour and dignity – Lieutenant General Sami Khan. He is an incredible icon for our young minds to get inspired. The Scindia School aspires to cultivate in every Scindian the same spirit of altruism, courage and humility that Lieutenant General Sami Khan symbolized through his inspirational life.
The Scindia School posthumously confers on Lieutenant General Sami Khan the Madhav Award as an Old Boy of Eminence for the year 2016.