Mr Lokendra Singh

Shri Lokendra Singh has been an active deciple of Acharaya Vinova Bhave. Since 1952 he has dedicated his life to Bhoodan, the nationwide movement for the donation of land by the prosperous to the landless. His activity has achieved for him a unique place amongst the people of Bundelkand. In 1986, he participated in the peace march from Rajghat in New Delhi to Bejing in China, which had participants from many different nations. He was instrumental in seeking the surrender of the Chambal dacoits.

The Films Division of the Government of India produced a 27-minute documentary on his life and work titled “Antim Raja”. Currently, he is working towards the fulfillment of his dream of the true Panchayat Rajya in the rural areas of the country. Shri Lokendra Singh by his dynamism, leadership and devotion to the call of the people has distinguished himself as an Old Boy of the Scindia School. The Scindia School confers on Lokendra Singh the Madhav Award as for the year 1987.