Lord Amir Ali Bhatia

Passed out from The Scindia School in 1948 as a School Prefect and joined his family business in Tanzania. He established the first razor blades manufacturing plant in East Africa in collaboration with the Commonwealth Development Corporation and the Tanzanian Government between 1960 – 1970. He moved to the United Kingdom in 1971 and acquired the U.K. part of the Forbes Compbell group which dealt with export and finance and expanded the business by setting up offices in New York, Toronto, Singapore and Bahrain. From a dynamic and successful entrepreneur, he became increasingly committed to community service. He has been involved in a range of charities in education, arts, health and employment sectors. In Tanzania he administered some 55 schools (Kindergarten to technical) and managed a large scholarship programme which enabled students to go to Europe, U S A, Canada and other parts of the world for University Education.

He was a trustee of Oxfam in the U.K. for over 12 years and still remains a board member of Oxfam India. He currently chairs various charities which give grants to voluntary and community organizations which help ethnic groups in their work, acquire assets like buildings and equipment. He is on the Board of the Queens Awards for Enterprise Advisory Committee, the Diana Princess of Wales Memorial Fund, St. Christopher Hospice, Project Fullemploy, Overeseas Students Hostels, Water Aid Project and many more.
He was awarded the order of the British Empire (OBE) in 1977, the U.K. charity Award as personality of the year in 2001 and was amongst the 15 peers appointed from 3000 nominations to the House of Lords in 2001. Lord Amir Bhatia by his entrepreneurial dynamism and selfless service to community welfare has distinguished himself as an Old Boy of The Scindia School. The Scindia School confers on Lord Amir Bhatia the Madhav Award as an Old Boy of Eminence for the year 2002.