Lt Col Disoj Kumar Farashwal (Retd)

Lt Col Disoj Kumar Farashwal (Retd) has joined us as the Bursar. He is a visionary administrator with over a decade of experience in the education-development sector. A man of many talents, he has done his Postgraduation in International Studies and MBA in Human Resource Management, allowing him to combine the macro view of the world with the micro world of the school. It also allows him to effectively utilize the varied resources of the school and community to the optimal level. He also holds a PG Diploma in Disaster Management, Computer Networking, and Industrial Safety & Security from leading institutes like Red Cross.

With 35 years of combined experience in management in the education sector and leadership in the Indian Army; he brings with him a seasoned approach to administrative aspects such as maintenance, finance, human resource management, transportation, safety and security, food, health and hygiene.

Having lived and travelled across the length and breadth of the country and experienced the varied rich cultures of India, he brings with him the wisdom and skill to build and nurture a team and lead them to the common goal of ensuring all support for the holistic and inclusive development of the institution. He brings with him a culture of transparency, integrity, sincerity, and excellence.