Mr. Abhijit Mukhopadhyay

Mr Abhijeet Mukhopadhyay, from the faculty of Social Studies, teaches History at School. A cornucopia of knowledge he is popularly known as ‘Mr. Encyclopedia’ among his students. Mr Mukhopadhyay has worked with reputed residential schools in India for more than eleven years. Endowed with a great sense of music, a good knowledge in History and Political Science, he is always ready to help students for securing a better future. Apart from academics he is actively involved in the sport of Horse Riding as an In-charge and works as a Coordinator of External Exams: Science, French and English Olympiad, IPSC G.K Quiz and is also the House Master of Madhav House. He was recognised as the Best Teacher in using ICT at The Scindia School. He looks upon his teaching career as a great opportunity to influence young minds.