Mr Ashok Shivaraman

He joined The Scindia School in July 2008, although he began his teaching career in 1997. Mr Shivaraman is not only a Post-Graduate in Commerce, but has done a Post-Graduation in Economics and B.Ed. He teaches Accountancy and Business Studies. His colleagues find in him an understanding and a supportive Head, who also brings fairness and a touch of professionalism in the working of the department. As an academician, he aims to impart to the students, skills to comprehend and analyse events in an effort to rationalise phenomena and to build critical thinking skills. In addition to his academic role, he has regularly contributed in the running of the ‘Inquisitive Society’ which organizes various types of quizzes and promotes curiosity amongst students. He has been the Housemaster of Mahadji House from 2010-2014.

He believes in making the students imbibe values of righteousness, to enable them to become true citizens of the world. He firmly believes in and works towards creating a healthy learner- centered environment in which every child is genuinely respected and heard. The prolific praise that he receives from his students motivates and inspires him.

In his free time, he enjoys reading, gardening, cooking and listening to music.