Mr. Gurdeep S Bakshi

Mr Bakshis’s motto in life has been “The Scindia School before self”. Having spent 37 years in School, he has been involved in all spheres of School life and is looked upon as a role model by the students and teachers alike.
Mr Bakshi took his first degree from Lakshmibai National College of Physical Education in Sports in year 1976 and later pursued his second degree, a post graduation in Physical Education and Sociology. He was one of the fastest short distance runners of his time. But more compelling than his accomplishments, as impressive as they are, are the qualities of integrity, enthusiasm, determination, creativity, and passion for his work in school.
As a Dean of Sports he is responsible for providing leadership and vision to the Department of Sports in running the school Sports program. His endeavour has been to ensure that boys enjoy the sport/game of their choice to the maximum.
He often says “sports can have a powerful impact on the education and character of the students who participate; on the field one learns important lesson of winning and losing; allowing one self to lead and be led and to accept defeat with grace are the few important lessons which no text book can teach”.
He brings with him the leadership Skills, strategic Development plans, Media Planning and Management and event management. He is an advisor and is on the board of various schools for he specializes in upgrading sporting infrastructure.