Mr Manoj Kumar Mishra

He is the Head of the Hindi Department. He has been with The Scindia School for the last two decades. Mr Mishra was the Housemaster of Madhav House where he always encouraged the boys to aspire for excellence. Being essentially a man of literature, he has translated 4 books, edited one, and also written several articles and stories which have been published in different magazines and also broadcast on AIR.

His other interests include Public Speaking and Theatre. He has been preparing boys for elocutions and debates. He is the producer and director of the Annual Hindi Play each year. Mr Mishra is a keen adventure enthusiast and has been a part of 13 cycling expeditions. He was the IIIrd officer of NCC Air Wing and has received training at the Air Force Administrative College, Coimbatore. He founded the aeromodelling hobby in school and ran it successfully for six years. His sporting interests include rifle shooting and table tennis.

Despite all the above-mentioned strengths, he is very modest and unassuming. The love and respect of his students keep him motivated. He would love to see the school as an extended family, where each member is recognized for his uniqueness.