Mr Mustaq Khan Chowdhury

The Head of Department – Arts, he has been with The Scindia School since 1988. Mr Chowdhury holds a Master’s degree in painting from Vishwa Bharti University. He is an artist of considerable repute, and his works have been on display along with the likes of SH Raza and MF Hussain at exhibitions. His body of work also finds mention in “The History of Modern Indian Painting” by Krishna Chaitanya. His passions, other than art, range from gardening to a game of football. Mr Khan Chowdhury is a teacher characterized by his progressive outlook and scientific approach and is remembered fondly as such by parents, and by alumni who were once his students.

An affectionate teacher, nothing provides Mr Khan Chowdhury greater joy than to see his students excel in school, and thereafter in their professions.