Mr N K Tewari

Mr. N.K. Tewari, first the chemistry teacher, then the principal was probably the most compassionate and accommodating principals the school has seen. He would help his colleagues and students whenever they needed him. And this is what he is remembered for most. There are many testimonials in various Scindia publications which stand testimony to this. He was friendly, earned people’s respect and trust easily and lived up to the expectations. Being very tech savvy and often referred to as the “Computer Man” by Mr. Dar, Mr. Tewari was a pioneer in devising ‘fair systems’ in the administration of the affairs at school, incorporating technology along with old school methods. He would stay calm in tense situations and pressing deadlines, and would deliver what was required of him with efficiency. He would not let his decisions get influenced and would make sure he did what was right for the students, the school and the Scindian traditions.