Mr. Rohit Sood

Mr Rohit Sood, from the Department of English and the School Career Counsellor, joined The Scindia School in July 2015. He has been facilitating and encouraging positive growth in individual learners, groups and communities for the past fifteen years. He has guided teens on Himalayan wilderness treks, helped teachers develop new capacities, and developed solutions with communities in both urban and rural contexts as an associate at iDiscoveri Education.

He was part of Mirambika, Research Centre for Integral Education and Human Values. At Mirambika, in particular, he developed an appreciation for whole-child education and a deep respect for teaching to multiple intelligences. At Scindia he has been helping teachers devise Interdisciplinary and Project Based Learning modules.

Mr Sood especially values the opportunities and relationships he has enjoyed designing and implementing leadership experiences and programs all over India. As a practicing Buddhist, he views learning as a lifelong process and he views personal ‘success’ as an outcome of the learner’s own inner evolution.