Mr.Saji John

Mr.Saji John, faculty of English, is an alumnus of St. Joseph’s College, Darjeeling. He has a Master’s degrees in English Literature and Education. He has 12 years of teaching and administrative experience in various institutions in India and abroad. He had been a consultant in a World Bank Project at the National Institute of Management and Administration (NIMA)in Kabul. He has worked as a Lecturer in Villa College in the Maldives and later as HOD of English in New Indian Model School (NIMS), Sharjah.

He enjoys reading, travelling, watching movies and trekking. He emphasizes critical thinking and real-world applications of the concepts. He encourages students to challenge themselves. As a progressive educator, he supports and practices student-centred teaching approach to make learning an enjoyable activity.

Mr. John joined The Scindia School in February, 2017. Apart from teaching, his passion lies in public speaking, debates and elocutions.