Mr Srijith Pillai

He brings with him fifteen years of work experience and joined The Scindia School in October 2015. Mr Pillai has done his B.Sc. in Mathematics with B.Ed. and Diploma in Corporate Communications & Advertising. Apart from his experience in the educational field, he has also worked with the media company, The Times of India, as an Asst. Manager (Development) for a year and a half. Currently, he is the Housemaster of Jeevaji House.

In addition to being a brilliant Math teacher, Mr Pillai has a keen interest in theatre and has coordinated and directed full-length Shakespearean and G B Shaw’s plays in his previous school. A man of eclectic tastes, his passions include cricket, athletics, classical music, singing and public speaking. He is someone who does not measure life by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away. He considers it a privilege that as a teacher he has the opportunity of moulding young minds and is in a position to guide them in the right direction. He wants his students to be emotionally robust and resilient.