Mr Sumit Chakrabarty

Mr Sumit Chakrabarty, from the faculty of Commerce, has been teaching Economics for the last sixteen years in schools and management colleges across the country. He has a Master’s degree in Economics and a Management Diploma in Business Administration. A person gifted with an analytical bent of mind and a muti-dimensional vision, he displays a deep insight into all problems and possesses the ability to bring innovative and original solutions to them. Apart from his subject he also has a keen interest in the issues of international concern and students love to discuss and debate global issues with him.
Mr. Chakrabarty is also the House Master of Shivaji House. His democratic style of functioning and his constant motivation and counselling of students has helped bring about a culture of excellence in the House and school. He has been awarded with a letter of appreciation for generating good results in Economics in the Class XII Boards Examination in 2014. With a firm belief in introspection as a touchstone he aspires to untiringly satiate his hunger for knowledge.