Mr Vishesh Sahai

Mr Vishesh Sahai started his professional career as an Economics teacher with The Scindia School in 2001, soon after completing his Post-Graduation in Economics. He also completed his B.Ed. from IGNOU in 2008. He was the Housemaster of Ranoji House.
Mr Sahai likes to make friends and loves travelling. He is a keen sportsman with special interest in Yoga, Tennis, Cricket and Swimming. He also likes to sing and play the Guitar. His love for cooking led him to initiate the ‘Food and Hospitality’ hobby in school, which is now much sought-after. He was the Staff Editor of the school’s fortnightly newsletter – Review; perhaps the only one outside of the English Department ever. He was the Master in-charge of Tennis, is a member of the International Exchange committee and the Round Square committee. His students like him for his emotional connectedness and colleagues find in him a sincere and trustworthy friend. He describes himself as somebody who never regrets the past and always looks ahead in life. He wants the students to be away from the ‘rat race’ and instead become lifelong learners in fields of their own interest. The wonderful life on the fort and the satisfaction of contributing in the lives of youngsters motivates him to be a teacher.