Mrs. Ahilya Shinde

The Dean of Activities, Ms Ahilya Shinde, is known as much for her charming and pleasant personality as for her outstanding organisational skills and sartorial elegance. An impresario par excellence, she has been lending her Midas touch to all the school events. With 37 years of experience at The Scindia School, she knows the soul and spirit of all school functions and makes constant efforts to add novelty to them while retaining their basic character. She has taken very strong initiatives and has been at the forefront of organising creative workshops and SPICMACAY functions to provide rich experiences to the school community.

Her meticulousness ensures that all of our boys get exposure to various activities and that our school participates in all inter-school events with a perfect preparation. Each activity and event in the school transforms into a delightful experience as a result of her warmth, approachability and joyful nature.