Mrs Anita Pandey

Ms Anita Pandey has 17 years of teaching experience in various public schools in different parts of the country. She has been with The Scindia School since 2013. As someone who believes in constantly updating her knowledge she has regularly attended workshops and seminars on English Language Teaching. Apart from being a dedicated English teacher she is the Coordinator for GESE (Graded Examination in Spoken English), Staff Editor of the Year Book and the teacher incharge of updating the website. Her experience as a Master Trainer and Examiner for Trinity College, London has proved immensely beneficial for the students of the school.
Her cheerful disposition and friendly inter-personal interaction with the students goes beyond the class room and they feel strongly connected to her. She has been instilling qualities of persistence and diligence in the students and has made a perceptible difference in the lives of all the boys under her care. As the House Master of Nimaji House she constantly encourages her boys to excel in everything they undertake.