Mrs. Puja Pant

Ms Puja Pant, Head of Department, English, is an alumnus of Loreto Convent, Lucknow. She has been a teacher for 16 years, and has been with The Scindia School since 2007. She is respected for her command on the language and on the subject, and for her whole-hearted guidance and mentorship to students. Teaching apart, Ms Pant wears the additional hat of Head of Publications. She was formerly editor of The Scindia School Review, which, under her watch, saw the incorporation of many new features and richer content. Ms Pant is the Founder Editor of the much liked Qila Quotes, and has also along with her team of student editors, founded The Editors’ Conference, a first of its kind initiative.

Ms Puja Pant’s versatility, her work ethic, and infectious enthusiasm make her inspirational and immensely popular with the students.