Ms Raksha Siriah

She joined The Scindia School in 1996 as a member of the Department of Hindi. She has a master’s degree in Hindi and has also done B.Ed. She served as the Housemaster of Kanerkhed House and after having completed her tenure she worked in the capacity of mentor of Mahadji House. Apart from her academic duties she involves herself in preparing students for debates, elocutions and dramatics, an activity she has begun to enjoy a lot. Her indefatigable energy and zeal make a very significant impact in the lives of the students.

Ms Siriah is also passionate about adventure activities and has been a proud member of 10 mountaineering and 10 cycling expeditions. With simplicity and honesty as her guiding mantra it is the love of her students which keeps her constantly motivated. She wishes to see the Scindians with a distinct identity and working for the betterment of society.