Ms. Gurpreet Gill

A short yet fruitful attachment with The Scindia School can best define Ms Gurpreet Gill, who joined the School in 2014. Ms Gill has outstanding academic achievements of her own with a gold medal in both M.Sc and M.Phil. A feather in her cap is the Directors Medal which was awarded for her performance in M.Sc. and M.Phil. Her selection for the High School Teacher (HST 2015) program organized by CERN, Geneva Switzerland is a matter of great pride for her and the school.

Ms Gill has immersed herself completely in school life and she shares a wonderful bond with the students as well as the colleagues. Her passion lies in the field of electronics and is keen to make efforts to combine it with the area of photonics for outstanding results. She is also the teacher in charge of Aeromodelling and Space Astronomy Club. As an enthusiastic Physics teacher she would like to bridge the gap between the bookish and the practical knowledge of Physics. The company of the students as well as their zeal to learn inspires her to learn along with them.