Ms Niharika Kulsrestha

She has 23 years of teaching experience and joined The Scindia School in 2006 with a teaching experience of 14 years. Ms Kulsrestha has a Master’s degree in Physics and Education but her biggest and a ‘dream come true achievement’ was securing the prestigious Fulbright Scholarship by the United States Government. This offered her the chance to teach in an American school for a period of five months.

An avid reader that she is, very few English and Hindi classics and contemporary fiction have escaped her read-through. Ms Kulshrestha’s creative writing escapades find their expressions in her blog As a teacher, her greatest motivation is the respect and love she gets from the students and parents, and the belief that every child has something special that can be built upon. A multitalented lady, her other interests and areas of engagement are conducting the quiz for the Middle Group and mentoring the students for the Model United Nations.