Mrs. Preeti Sharma

Ms. Preeti Sharma from the faculty of Commerce has a master’s degree in Economics and Education. She has 14 years of teaching experience and joined The Scindia School in 2012. While the command over her subject is her biggest strength the students also look upto her for the dedication and commitment she brings into everything she undertakes. A lady who dons multiple hats she is the teacher-Incharge for Shooting and the Coordinator for the Parent teacher interaction. She is also the force behind two hobbies – Event Management and Food & Hospitality and the students are gaining immense confidence and skill under her guidance.
As the Resident tutor of Madhav House she is a mentor and guide for the students under her care. With many awards and accolades to her credit, she passionately works for the all round development of the students. Ms. Sharma believes in equipping the students with such knowledge that they are able to compete with the best ones in the world.