Ms. Shruti Sata

Ms. Shruti Sata, a newbie to the teaching profession, joined The Scindia School on the 16th of November, 2015. With a brief stint of a year and seven months in a residential school and a day school, she has a good understanding of what a residential teacher’s life entails. She brings to school that experience as well as immense perceptiveness and patience.

Being just 25 she also brings along that extra enthusiasm and passion that each youngster has for everything. She has done her masters in English and B.Ed. with English and History as her subjects. She is a voracious reader, an English series junkie, a trained classical dancer, choirgirl and a Basketball, Volleyball and Judo player. She wishes to bring about a whirlwind of change to the school even if that whirlwind is just in a cup.