Ms Smita Chaturvedi

Ms Smita Chaturvedi did her Masters in English and B.A. (Hons) in Economics and English Literature. She has successfully completed a course in Educational Leadership and Management from the Nottingham University. She is a teaching professional with an experience of 31 years, out of which 18 years’ experience is in administration. Prior to joining us, she was heading the Delhi Public School, Kashipur. She has also worked as an English Teacher and as a Housemistress in Mayo College Girls’ School, Ajmer and had contributed commendably in the areas of academics, pastoral care, co-curricular and teachers’ enrichment programmes. In all her previous assignments, she has efficiently managed the stakeholders’ expectations and relationships. Ms Chaturvedi has the expertise in dealing with students. In her role as VP Pastoral Care she has ensured, that we continue to abide by high standards of discipline. She has firmed up the routine to optimise learning outcomes. Further measures have been initiated to ensure that the emotional and other needs of the boys are attended to. She is a conduit of communication with the parents for ease of transaction. Inculcating the sense of discipline amongst the students is an area of utmost importance in any residential school, therefore, Ms Chaturvedi plays a pivotal role.