Bursar, Col. Sanjiv Kaushal(RETD.) joined The Scindia School in April 2015. An alumnus of the Indian Military Academy, Dehradun, he was commissioned into the Armoured Corps and has a rich 32 years’ experience in diverse fields. A person gifted with exemplary leadership, interpersonal and communication skills, he promotes initiative, enterprise and encourages a culture of excellence in everything he undertakes. His forte is HR, Management and Administration. Having garnered wide experience in planning, coordinating and executing the administrative, disciplinary and ceremonial aspects of events during his illustrious career in the army, his deft touch is felt in all the administrative areas of school life. With his financial wizardry, prudence and a keen eye for detail, he facilitates in carrying forward the vision of the school by ensuring that safety, comfort and aesthetics remain at the center of all infrastructure ventures. A strong child centric approach and the desire to facilitate the well being of the faculty remain at the core of all his endeavours. He brings with him a high degree of probity and superb work ethics which reflect in all areas of school.